It is also called St. John’s Eve and it celebrates the Summer Solstice.

Being the night of June 23rd the longest, we have plenty of time to celebrate, so I will be posting recipes, crafts and other stuff before the 23rd so you can have everything ready for that night.


The bonfires are a must! If you have a garden or terrace, I highly recomend you take some old wood and burn it! You won’t be wasting your time, because it will keep you warm at night, and you can cook some marshmallows.
There’s a strong tradition in Sweden. Midsommar is one of the most important celebrations. They dance and drink and flowers are everywhere. You will need to have some flowers around if you want your party to be more authentical. And don’t forget the dance! Especially if you have some friends at home, hold your hands together and dance in a circle. Be sure to choose the right music for the event.
Don’t worry if you don’t have time for choosing the music, I will be posting a playlist. I will also make some crafts in order to help you celebrate, so you won’t have an excuse!
In Galicia (North of Spain) thereare some rituals to scare the witches and bad spirits away. But there are more rituals for other purposes. For instance, if you want to follow their ritual to be pretty all year, I will explain it to you in a post soon.
If you want to know how they celebrate in other countries or you want to read more about Midsummer history, here’s a wikipedia link.
So, until the 23rd I will be posting recipes, crafts and other stuff in order to celebrate this Midsummer 2013. This is a very special celebration for me because I love when the seasons change (yes, even from Summer to Autumn) Changes are always good, they make you understand nothing lasts forever and help you enjoy life. It is also important this year, because it is the first celebration I will be sharing with you! And I couldn’t be happier 😀 So thanks for reading and let’s get Midsummer started!

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