Summer Shopping

Prepare yourself for the Midsummer, and thus for the whole summer. Here you are some ideas of what to buy and where to buy it!
1 Beautiful and colourful Portable Fridge great for summer parties, picnics or for the beach. (Tiger Stores)
2 These Colourful Plastic glasses can be the perfect ones for your picnic basket. (Ikea)
3 Tent van, what can I say…I’m in love with this one! So cool for inviting some friends over in Summer. (Firebox)
4 Wooden Spoons, good for eating your ice cream. (Sweet Lulu)
5 Blue Ice Cream Maker with a beautiful and original design, there are more colours available. (Hamilton beach)
6 Ice Cream scoop. Simple, but nice. (Anthropologie)
7 Brownie pan that you can use to serve what you take out from your barbecues. (Anthropologie)
8 Playful Condiment set. Really useful and nice. (Retro Planet)
9 Some Napkins are really useful when eating with your hands. (Ikea)
10 These Plates are perfect for Summer, they are lovely and combine together perfectly. (Zara Home)
11 A Gass with a lid and a straw is very handy for Summer Lemonades, in order to avoid flies from using your drink as a swiming pool (Casa Shops)
12 A different Ice cream Maker. You won’t need a scoop for this, already comes with a dispenser (Cuisinart)

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