DIY Midsummer flower headband


Today, a very simple headband that you can do at home, don’t forget to wear it for Midsummer. You will need:

Some fabric scraps that you have at home (You can buy a very small amount of fabric)
A woven elastic band in a bright colour. I used a pink one that I already had at home, but some ideas are white, yellow, green or orange. (You need the size of your head)
Two little pieces of satin ribbon in two different colours (I chose orange and yellow, because they represent the Sun colours)
Some thread, pins, a needle and scissors
Nail polish
First, sew the elastic band ends together. Check it fits your head before continuing. Then, add the two ribbons perpendicular to the band, leaving just a little bit above and the rest below the band. Fold the upper part of the ribbons, in order to cover the band stitches you’ve made before. Sew together.
Now make some leave shapes with your fabric straps (you will need 7-8 petals to make a nice flower) Sew them all together in the middle. I used a contrasting colour for the thread on purpose, but you can use the same colour as your fabric if you prefer.
You can make as many flowers as you want. I made two on a side, but you can cover the whole band with them if you wish! Also, try mixing different fabric textures and patterns on the same flower. You can even use real flowers or mix them with fabric.
Why the nail polish? If your fabric tends to fry, just add some clear nail polish to the border. In some cases, I love the fabric like that, so do nothing. Depends on what are you using it for, and how long do you want your creation to last.
And there’s your flower crown for Midsummer. Next day I will post the first recipe for Midsummer, that can also be a Meat Free Monday meal. Stay tuned!

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