Midsummer 2013: Summer Sardines


This recipe is simple, easy, fast and great for Midsummer. I recommend you use a barbecue grill or a bonfire the 23rd in order to celebrate the Summer Solstice properly. Anyway, you can cook this recipe,  when it is raining, inside your home. You just have to use the oven instead.

You will need:


Some sardines (3-4 per person is great)

Gren peppers (1/2 per sardine)

1/2 red onion per person

For the chimichurri:

Chipotle oil

Garlic cloves (1 per person)

Red wine vinegar


Some water




Put the green peppers to roast on the barbecue: When they get some colour, cover the sardines with salt and roast them as well. While they get cooked, do the chimichurri. Finely dice the garlic cloves, chop the chives and add enough oil and red wine vinegar to the mixture. The liquid has to cover the herbs and garlic, then add salt. If it is too strong, you can add a little bit of water. It is better if you do it the day before and let it rest because the flavours would be enhanced. Anyway, you can do it the same day and the result would be great.


Serve each sardine above some julienne onion, the roasted pepper and then add a little bit of chimichurri. Don’t forget to let the sauce on the table, everyone would like to dig for more. Be sure you accompany this dish with some good bread. Corn bread is a great choice. Also a Meatfree Monday recipe!


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