Midsummer 2013: Summer Hot Dogs


Another simple barbecue recipe that you can make for Midsummer. This one is for those carnivores that don’t want to have the Summer Sardines. The good thing about this hot dogs: They are healthier 🙂

You will need (per hot dog):


1 whole wheat mini baguette
1/2 fresh pork sausage
1 slice of cheese
Roasted red pepper stripes



On the barbecue grill, cook the sausages until they are well done. Open the bread vertically and put the cheese inside, then the sausage, the pepper and finally the rocket and coriander. Choose the sauces you and your guests like most. I chose English mustard, Dijon mustard, ketchup and some harissa. You can use some horseradish or some honey mustard, mayo and basil…I don’t know! Try as many combinations as you want… But don’t forget to have fun! Regards!


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