Oven Patatas Bravas with Yogurt (Whole Kitchen Circle)

Like every 18th of the month, here you are the recipe from the Whole Kitchen club. In this case, the famous Spanish Patatas Bravas. As Summer is kind of hot in the North Hemisphere, fried foods are not always the best choice. I kind of feel I need to eat less in Summer, and when I have fried food, I feel I can’t have anymore. That’s why I’ve changed the traditional potatoes for an oven version, but you can always make them fried (I recommend in olive oil, they have a great taste)

I changed a little the recipe for the sauce…but as far as it is a tomato based sauce and it is extra hot, I think they are still bravas.

So, you’ll need:


4-5 small to medium potatoes

4 tomatoes


Black Pepper


4-5 tbsp Cognac

Chilli Flakes




For the potatoes:

Clean the potatoes thotoughly. Boil them or microwave them with the peel until they are cooked, but not too much. Rinse and if you want peel them, although the skin tastes great and gives texture. Dice them as big or small as you want. Put them in a bowl.

Add a tbsp of olive oil, a little bit of flour, some black pepper and oregano. Mix well in order to get the potatoes impregnated with the mixture. Transfer to an oven tray. Be sure they have room enough. Cook for about 25 minutes (220º), then use the grill in order to roast them for 5-10 minutes more.


While the potatoes are in the oven, make the sauces. The yogurt sauce is super easy: Yogurt, black pepper, grated garlic and salt!

For the spicy sauce, cook the tomatoes without skin until they are completely mashed. Add the cognac, salt, and a little bit of brown caster sugar. Don’t forget the chilli, always to your taste (and the taste of your guests, of course) I made it hotter that I would, because the yogurt sauce reduces that spiciness.


Serve the potatoes with a little bit of the tomato sauce, and a little tiny bit of yogurt on top. Enjoy!

Whole Kitchen en su Propuesta Salada para el mes de Julio nos invita a preparar un clásico de la cocina española: PATATAS A LA BRAVA

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