A Cooking Cat – September 2013 – Falafel


Falafel is one of my favourite dishes. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it is fullfilling and I don’t know if you have read about it… chickpeas help you feel happier 🙂 What else can I say… Whenever I remember to soak my chickpeas the day before, I enjoy a tasty homemade falafel. On September the 28th I will publish my own recipe (one of them) in order you have one, but I would love to see your own ideas for “A Cooking Cat“.

Today I give you the basics in order you can modify or copy it. The best thing about falafel is that it is a great recipe to eat with friends, a good way for children to eat chickpeas if they don’t usually like them, and of course you can have fun shaping them.


For the basic recipe you will need:







Chilli Flakes 




The day before, soak your chickpeas. You can use canned chickpeas if you are in a hurry and drain them very well, but the result is not going to be as tasty and crunchy. Cook them until you cut it and the inside and outside have the same colour. We want them to be cooked but not soft.  I don’t use my pressure cooker because I can’t check if the chickpeas are done as easy. Drain them well.


Once you’ve done this, put them in a food processor and add the rest of the ingredients except for the lemon juice. Once it is finely chopped, add the lemon juice and the flour needed in order to shape the mixture. 


Deep fry them. Once they are golden, they’ll be nicely done on the outside and a little bit softer on the inside. 


You can make your own pita bread and your favourite dipping sauce to make a sandwich and take them away to work, a picnic or to the sofa.

They should be crunchy and tender at the same time. Delicious!


So, now it is your turn to make them and share your recipe! Try and make something different changing an ingredient, using a different mixture of spices, changing the cooking method… There are endless options to make this recipe your own recipe!

Keep cooking and remember to publish your recipe on September 28th. 



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