Carrot Falafel (A Cooking Cat: September 2013)


Hi again! How’s September going?

I told you Falafel is one of my favorite dishes, didn’t I? Well, carrot is one of my favourite ingredients. It stays fresh for a long time and you can use it both in sweet and savoury recipes.  So, this dish is kind of awesome for my palate.
The ingredients and the recipe is basically the same as the falafel, but you add grated carrot. Just like that. And then you deep fry them. Simple and easy to remember!
I love making yogurt sauce to dip them. And of course home-made pita bread won’t harm anyone.
For the very simple sauce you will need:
Olive oil
Black Pepper
Chilli Flakes
Lemon juice
Mix them all together and add the ingredients depending on your taste. If you have kids coming, don’t add the chilli flakes. The black pepper will be spicy enough for them. You can use sweet paprika instead.
Hope you like our September recipe. See you!

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