Halloween/Día de los muertos



I’m so excited celebration season starts! Haven’t you noticed the major celebrations of the year are all together at the end? My favourite of all is Halloween. Since I remember, I’ve celebrated it, although in my town nobody knew about this “American” tradition (which has a Celtic origin, by the way)

I used to rack my brain in order to think of the creepiest foods. Of course I wrote a menu according to the disgusting recipes full of “monster’s mucus”, “fried worms”, “witches stew” and don’t forget bloody things (that is why grenadine and tomato sauce were invented!)
Well, this year I am more excited because I can share with you my disgusting recipes and ideas in order to celebrate the best Halloween.
The only thing that I hate about this is that it only lasts one night…and I put too much effort into decorating and cooking and thinking. This year I’ve decided to continue the next day, so we’ll celebrate Halloween as well as the Día de los Muertos.
I’ve always loved how Mexico celebrates the Death, full of colours and with skull images. It seems like the perfect day after the perfect Halloween Party.
Now you know it, visit more often my blog during this festive period of the year and you can find great things to share with friends and family, or on your own (if you have to be alone, you celebrate it even better! at least it’s scarier!)
The same as we did with Midsummer, I’ll share crafts, recipes, some music, films…whatever that makes your party a SUPERPARTY!
Take care!

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