Halloween 2013: The Costume

The Costume is kind of the first thing to check off the list when you are planning Halloween. In this case we have to disguise twice (Once in Halloween, and once in the Día de los Muertos)
In the case of the Día de los Muertos you need to figure out how your face is going to be painted and which clothes are you going to choose, but the skull drawing in the face makes it easier to choose a costume than in Halloween.
In Halloween, there’s loads of options, but I am going to help you decide with some major categories in order to choose your disguise.
Have fun choosing your costume. There’s loads of webpages where you can buy some of them. If you are on  a hurry and/or on a small budget the ghost or zombie costume are the best.  You just need a sheet or some old clothes and make up. Remember that the important thing is to have fun

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