My Minestrone (Círculo Salado Whole Kitchen)

One more month on the cooking club by Whole Kitchen!


This month’s recipe is Minestrone. It’s a traditional Italian recipe, older than the Roman Empire. Being so old, it is kind of difficult to figure out which is the original recipe, so let’s say is a hearthy soup to which you add the vegetables you have at home, or the ones in season and to that you add rice, pasta, beans or whatever you fancy.

For my personal recipe, you will need:



Green Beans

Brussels sprouts




Red onion

White beans



Hot paprika

Smoked paprika

Black Pepper








I’m sorry I did not put the mushrooms, celery and peas on the photo… some of the ingredients were added on the last minute. That’s the way I cook…disaster cooking! 🙂

Basically you fry the onion and garlic and add the paprikas to your taste. Before it turns brown, add the celery, the courgete and green beans. Add water to cover them.


My white beans were already cooked beforehand,but if they are not, put them before anything else.

The rest of the ingredients can be put together and let it cook on a cocotte for one hour. Although I prefer to add the green part of the chards when the soup is almost done, so they are tender but still green.

Add the tortellini about 15 minutes before you turn down the fire.

It’s a comforting soup for autumn and winter…especially now that the rain has returned!

Tips: Make it Vegetarian removing the pancetta. Make it Vegan, adding a different type of pasta 🙂

The good thing about this dish is that you can use the ingredients you love most. You can use pumpkin, now that it’s Autumn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips…the options are endless!

Have fun cooking and enjoy your day!

Whole Kitchen en su propuesta salada para el mes de Octubre nos invita a preparar un clásico de la cocina italiana: Sopa Minestrone


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