Halloween 2013: Poisonous Pumpkin Soup



Today’s Halloween! Finally! I’ve made a recipe that you can add to your Halloween menu. Just add the word “Poisonous” at the beginning and everyone will be frightened to try it! 🙂

You will need:



Pumpkin (the variety I used has a thin layer of green on the outside, which came out as a perfect shade of “poison”)



Sundried tomatoes

Black Olives

Trumpet of the dead

Olive oil




First, make the soup. peel the pumpkin (sometimes this step is not necessary, try to make your pumpkin soup without peeling the pumpkin!) Peel the aubergine and boil it all together with some water and 2-3 garlic cloves.  Beat it all together once it’s ready.

Aside, chop the olives and 1 garlic clove in a food processor. Add a little olive oil.

Take the sundried tomatoes. Hydrate them or do as I do, buy them in olive oil. Do the same you did with the olives (don’t forget to add a garlic clove)


Cook the mushrooms in a pan.

Serve the soup. Add a little of freshly grated nutmeg. Add a teaspoon of the sundried tomato purée and the olive purée. Place some mushrooms on top. The combination of flavours is awesome, and the strength of the olives and tomatoes, will cover the poison nicely 😉


Have fun! Keep Cooking!


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