About Me

Hey there!


My name is Cat. Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved three things in life: food, cats and celebrating. Being a hopeless optimistic, I grew up enjoying many other things that helped me feel happy: music, knitting, a warm cup of tea in winter, an orange juice in a rainy morning, cooking, traveling, giving hugs…

Unfortunately, all of us grow up and become unhappier. I’ve passed some bad moments in my life, but I want to feel as happy as a clam again. So, after a long time thinking about it, I have decided to do my bit and I’ve created this blog in order to try to give away some of this optimism that have always ruled my world.

Excuse me if I cannot be exact in the amounts when I make a list of ingredients in a recipe, but measuring things while cooking is as hard as counting calories. Well, at least for me.
So, enjoy my blog the time you are reading it, whether you stay for a minute or a year. Regards!


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