Halloween 2013: Devil’s Carbonara

Still don’t know what to cook today? Try this Tagliatelli Carbonara with a twist. Together with your Poisonous Pumpkin Soup you can make a delicious Autumn menĂş with a creepy look, but a tasty flavour! First, you will need the … Continue reading

A Cooking Cat: Prosciutto with Melon

Here is my recipe for July’s Cooking Cat! I know prosciutto with melon is a bit boring for a cooking club, so I made my basic recipe, as well as a salad with a twist in order to give you … Continue reading

Midsummer 2013: Summer Hot Dogs

Another simple barbecue recipe that you can make for Midsummer. This one is for those carnivores that don’t want to have the Summer Sardines. The good thing about this hot dogs: They are healthier 🙂 You will need (per hot … Continue reading