Midsummer 2013: Music & more

We all know that a party without music is not a party. I’ve decided that the best way to celebrate is with music related to that celebration. In order you don’t have to search for the music yourself, I’ve made a Spotify playlist in order you can listen to what I’ve already chosen for the Midsummer party.

How did I choose the music? Simple! I entered words as “summer”, “california”, “shine”, “let the sunshine”, “let it shine”, “summertime”, “beach”… I’ve also searched for the word Summer in other languages and finally I added some songs that I already related with Summer. You can make your own playlist, but if you don’t have time, that’s why mine was made for!



I know Midsummer is supposed to be celebrated outside, but if it rains, or if you want your guests to watch a movie while you are preparing the barbecue, 500 days of Summer would be a good choice. It is a romantic comedy, but not the typical one.

A book. Yeah, I know…who reads a book at a party! Well, if you choose the right time…When everybody goes to sleep (if they stay) or when they leave, you can read and some great words. In this case, Shakespeare’s words. A Midsummer night’s dream is one of my favourites by Shakespeare, and the theme is perfect for Midsummer.

Have fun today! Don’t forget it’s Midsummer!