Midsummer 2013: Beauty ritual

I’m going to talk about the Galician tradition in order to be beautiful the whole year. A “magical” combination of herbes, water and the magic dew in St Johns night is all that you need.

The tradition says that you have to pick different herbs, most used are rosemary, mint, lemon verbena, thyme…but you can choose more, as far as they are beautiful and smell well. In Galicia you can find people in the markets selling them. That day you keep seeing people walking with a bunch of mixed herbs for making the ritual.

Then, you have to pick the water from seven different fountains. Ok, this is a step we’re going to skip…although if you wake up uglier the next morning, don’t blame me! It is better if you find a fountain in order to be pure water, if not…use water you have at home. This mixture of herbs and water should rest all night outside (the 23rd of June) in order to receive the magical effects of Midsummer’s dew. Next morning, you have to wash your face with it. The tradition says that you will be beautiful all year. I personally do it for the fun and especially because washing your face with great smelling herbs gives you energy in the morning and it is good or your skin. I normally use a sieve afterwards and reuse the herbs if I want. I also keep using the rest of the water as a natural tonic. Try it! Maybe you don’t feel more beautiful, but your skin will feel fresh and nice. Have fun today, don’t forget it’s Midsummer!