Halloween 2013: Devil’s Carbonara

Still don’t know what to cook today? Try this Tagliatelli Carbonara with a twist. Together with your Poisonous Pumpkin Soup you can make a delicious Autumn menĂş with a creepy look, but a tasty flavour! First, you will need the … Continue reading

Halloween 2013: Poisonous Pumpkin Soup

Boooooh! Today’s Halloween! Finally! I’ve made a recipe that you can add to your Halloween menu. Just add the word “Poisonous” at the beginning and everyone will be frightened to try it! 🙂 You will need:   Pumpkin (the variety … Continue reading

Halloween 2013: The Costume

The Costume is kind of the first thing to check off the list when you are planning Halloween. In this case we have to disguise twice (Once in Halloween, and once in the DĂ­a de los Muertos) In the case … Continue reading

Halloween/DĂ­a de los muertos

  I’m so excited celebration season starts! Haven’t you noticed the major celebrations of the year are all together at the end? My favourite of all is Halloween. Since I remember, I’ve celebrated it, although in my town nobody knew … Continue reading

Midsummer 2013

  Happy Midsummer everyone! Have fun today and don’t drink too much! Remember all that I’ve been posting for this celebration! Recipes: Midsummer Sardines Midsummer Hot Dogs Midsummer Juice   Pampering oneself: Midsummer ritual   Crafts: Midsummer headband   Celebrate: … Continue reading