Halloween 2013: Devil’s Carbonara

Still don’t know what to cook today? Try this Tagliatelli Carbonara with a twist. Together with your Poisonous Pumpkin Soup you can make a delicious Autumn menú with a creepy look, but a tasty flavour! First, you will need the … Continue reading

Midsummer 2013

  Happy Midsummer everyone! Have fun today and don’t drink too much! Remember all that I’ve been posting for this celebration! Recipes: Midsummer Sardines Midsummer Hot Dogs Midsummer Juice   Pampering oneself: Midsummer ritual   Crafts: Midsummer headband   Celebrate: … Continue reading

Midsummer 2013: Summer Hot Dogs

Another simple barbecue recipe that you can make for Midsummer. This one is for those carnivores that don’t want to have the Summer Sardines. The good thing about this hot dogs: They are healthier 🙂 You will need (per hot … Continue reading

A Cooking Cat (Cooking Club)

Do you love cooking clubs? You like cooking but don’t know what to cook? Are you searching for inspiration? Do you like having fun? Do you like food? Have you ever cooked? Ok, then…if any of this questions were answered with a “Yes!” you can join my cooking club: “A Cooking Cat” (You don’t need to be a cat 😉
Every month I will give a basic recipe in order to follow it or change it as you wish (though not entirely, it has to be a recognisable variation of the original) You will have two weeks for making the recipe all the times that you want.
Want to participate?
First, you only need to send an e-mail to abunchofcatsblog@gmail.com with a link to the blog in which you will be posting your recipes. You can also fill in the form you have below.
You will need to take some photos of the finished recipe and post the ingredients, recipe and photos on your blog. You are encouraged to explain why you changed what you changed in the original, so we can all learn from your recipe.
You can leave the club whenever you want. You can even participate three times a year if you cannot participate every month. Send an e-mail when you start participating, and an e-mail with the link of the recipe whenever you participate. It is important to publish the recipe on the days indicated (we will give you a whole week in order to do that, never publish it before the first day of that week!)
As a result, we will have plenty of recipes of the same basic recipe, and we will see combinations of ingredients that we wouldn’t have chosen. Also, the favourite blog will get a post on this blog.
Let’s get started!